How To Stop Moths From Ruining Your Spring

With spring, moths are also knocking on our door. This is the time when they look for any place to hatch their eggs. The Spring season is full of joy, but moths can ruin your spring in no time, though they are not a harmful pest but still their egg larvae are a big issue. Because they can destroy your clothes that are kept in storage for a long time. Not only that they can destroy your carpets, blankets, or other fabric items which are made up of cotton or wool. And, the most irritating thing about moths is that getting rid of them is very difficult.

Moth Control
Moth Control

In this article, we will discuss how you can stop moths from ruining your spring by doing moth control.

  1. Clean it up: Before you do something to do moth control, you need to know what attracts the moths. Generally, nothing can attract moths more than dirty clothes or fabric. So, for doing moth control efficiently in your home, you need to take an easy important step which is cleaning your home or fabric items like clothes or blankets. You should vacuum your closets or other storage spaces very properly to ensure that they are totally clean.
  2. Control humidity: Moths generally love to live in a humid room or place. If you have any kind of problem with humidity, then, you can use a dehumidifier. It will help you a lot. But, if you want it to work properly, then, you need to place the dehumidifier in the proper place in your home. It will keep moths away from your home, and moth control will be easier for you to do.
  3. Try using repellents: Well, there is one effective natural thing to use for moth control using cucumber. It is one of the best natural moth repellents on which you can rely. Moths or other pests don’t like the bitter peels of cucumber. So, using it will be a good option, all you have to do is to place some of the pieces of cucumber in those places where you have seen the moths mostly. There is one more natural thing to use for organic pest control, you can cedar wood. It also works very well.
  4. Call an expert: Moth infestation can be very problematic. And if you find an infestation in large numbers, then, you should call an expert for moth control. You can also try DIY methods for moth control, but it will not be result-giving for you as experts, so hiring an expert moth control company will be good for you. They will not only remove moths from your home but also they will remove another pest from your home. 


So, these are some of the ways of stopping moths from ruining your spring. If you will try the above tips, then, you will successfully be able to eliminate moths permanently from your home, or you can take the help of experts which is the best option for pest control.